Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2/30 Connected (January 03)

...and we are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends Disney's Pocahontas)... Is it a hoop or a loop? Nonetheless, the meaning is the same. That is, the choices that we make, whether selfishly or selflessly, affect everyone around us. We may be insignificant in this big world, but we still matter. People matter. You matter.

So this has started out as as visual art challenge, however, after 2 entries I think I'm leaning more on the inspirational side of things. Let's see where this challenge ends up. For a 10-minute artwork, I do hope I'll get better with my doodles and scribbles.


1/30 Possibilities (January 02)


Your possibilities are endless. In a world that is dictated  by classes, races, gender, steriotypes, and pretty much every label imaginable, you can break any barrier. You have the power to define yourself, not by where you came from, but by where you strive to go. We must not be enslaved with boxed-up ideas, and instead free ourselves and know that life is of abundance. Experience the wonderful world of choices and be free to become your best self.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

JANUARY: 10 Minute Art Challenge

10 minute art challenge
Art and about in 10 minutes.

Today marks a new beginning, it's a New Year afterall. Since a yearlong committment can be overwhelming at times, I'm making this year extra special. For this year I will be making short term projects that will be made monthly. Every month will be a venue for different tasks depending on my mood and need.

January will be all about making visual art. I have been losing touch with my first love so I'm glad I've found a way to reconnect.The original concept that I'm adapting can be found here.

Here are my #10MinArt Rules:

  1. I will set a timer for 10 minutes and stop immediately when the timer goes off.
  2. I give myself permission to spend time planning that doesn’t count towards the 10 minutes. I can’t get much done if I need time to set up paints etc.
  3. I give myself permission to hit pause if I need drying time, to go to the bathroom, etc. But I CANNOT stop the clock to do more ‘composing’ in my head. Once I start, I’m committed to finish no matter what.
  4. It is OK to use printed materials or repurpose parts of old works.
  5. There are no do-overs or start-overs due to mistakes. I will force myself to work with what I have, and try to make something beautiful out of unintended course changes.
  6. All artistic mediums can be used provided that it can fit inside my art book.
  7. Scanned artworks will be posted daily with less than 200 words description.
  8. The challenge will cover the period January 2-31, 2017.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Last Post for 2016

This will be my last post for 2016. This year hasn't been filled with tons of posts, just a mere 6 posts to be exact. However, as the year ends a new outlook has emerged for the upcoming year. That is, hopefully more reader worthy blog posts, specifically on  financial stability, travel, and home improvements. Let us welcome 2017 with open arms, hearts, and lots of creativity. Lessons learned from this year. A new start for next year. As I like to put it "Eat Healthy, Pray Wholeheartedly, and Love Unconditionally." So let's end this year with lots of love and say hello to tomorrow's promises.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

But I Have Nothing To Wear!

Hello there, it's been a while and a lot has happened. After months of MIA here, I finally mustered the courage to type away -thanks to my burgundy polish (not that it has anything to do with blogging). Back to the topic at hand...we all have those moments when we have nothing to wear amidst a closet full of clothes. A reality that nothing fits anymore, or a reflex for a shopping excuse, whatever the reason is, having nothing to wear has been an epidemic. As such, different wardrobe capsules have emerged. Project 333 for one has made the rounds in the internet. I also have eyes on this capsule wardrobe for a minimalist take on clothing. Regardless of the path you choose, having a goal in mind is key.

While I was browsing the internet looking for articles that feature the basic kitchen tools and equipment to have (for our new home), I chanced upon an article from thesimpledollar and I couldn't help but think that the tips can be applied on other things as well, clothing in particular. I am not a fashion blogger, nor do I exhibit any form of fashion prowess, I usually have an aid- aka Mr. P., when shopping for clothes, but it had me thinking... Without further adieu here are Five (5) tips for shopping for your first wardrobe capsule.

basic clothing
Basics: The foundation of a well kept closet.

Tip 1. If you can see only a few situations for using it, don't buy it. 

I have been eyeing a particular shoe and dress combo for a while now. However, upon reading the article I decided to just skip buying. Cost per wear would definitely put the items on the expensive side. Practically speaking, a three outfit minimum is a must before any final purchase. Buy a top that you can pair with your trousers, jeans, and/or skirts. 

Tip 2. Be creative in finding workable substitutions.

The basic wardrobe for me may not even be practical for you. Take into consideration factors such as weather conditions in your location and your lifestyle. The versatile scarf, for instance, is one of the most multifaceted accessory you can have at your disposal. Depending on your scarf's size you can use it in a number of ways. As a scarf you can tie it in many ways. You can also wrap it in your messy bun, use as a bandana, a headband, or even a turban. You can also use it as a belt, a vest, a cape, or sarong. 

Tip 3. When in doubt, always go cheap.

Basic clothing such as a white t shirt or blouse, denim pants, black trousers, etc... ideally must be of high quality, however, they can be bought at low-end stuff for now and be upgraded later on when you find your own basic style (round neck, v neck, low cut, or high cut). Bear in mind that shoes are in a totally different department. Shoes are the exemption to the rule. Quality and material are a must when buying. Your basic everyday shoes should be a) stable and comfortable to wear when walking and going about your day, b) leather, canvass, or something vegan worthy, they must be breathable to keep away the stink, and c) must fit perfectly, not a size too big or small. Also buy them in the afternoon since our feet and ankles tend to swell throughout the day.

Fashion can be overwhelming at times. When you are just starting to get to know your personal style and what your body looks good in, this tip is the way to go. It may just be a trendy phase, buying cheap wouldn't be a problem. However, you can also try the saying "when in doubt, don't", your wallet will thank you for that.

Tip 4. Keep the basics on hand, always.

Basics are your must have, but if you  think basics are oh-so-boring think again. Read Jenni Epperson's How to Build a Wardrobe that is Basic but Not Really for tips on how to spice up your drab basics.

Tip. 5 Have a uniform.

When you finally know  your style a uniform can save you the hassle of choosing what to wear daily. The uniform is the ultimate answer in having clothes to wear everyday of the week. Read this article to know why.

Plus tip. If you can, avoid buying clothes from online stores There's something from the feel of the clothing that just isn't the same with online convenience. Plus, you get to fit the clothes and know if your comfortable in it. Likewise, you get to skip the hassle of returning clothes if it doesn't fit or isn't just you.

Now with all these tips, I seriously doubt that you'll have nothing to wear.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Additional Income

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Glutagen SALE!

sale sale sale

Global Prime Innovation, Inc. just launched the soft opening of the company last January 31, 2016. To celebrate, practicalpebbles will be having a SALE this February, starting today February 7. Read on and choose your products.

6in1 soap

Contains Gluthatione, Collagen, Kojic Acid Mushroom, Papaya, Oat, and Goat's Milk- nature's most powerful ingredients combined in one soap. More info here.

GPi lotion

A promise of fairer skin within 7 days and a noticeable instant white in just seconds upon application. More info here.

GPI Facial scrub

An exfoliating scrub that is infused with Aloe Vera, Collagen, and Crystal Beads that helps nourish skin leaving it feeling radiant and refreshed. More info here.

GPI foundation

It works as a sun protector, skin concealer, skin moisturizer, anti-aging agent, oily skin regimen, and skin primer. More info here.

You can request items to be wrapped as gifts for this valentine season.

So there you have it, the complete line-up of the GPI Glutagen products on SALE this February. Visit our STORE or our FACEBOOK PAGE for more practical beauty products! 

For quicker orders, you may also text me at 09479507684 ,simple write:
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Happy shopping!

Update: Extending SALE until 4/8/2016! Yay!