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A Fresh Start for 2018

2017 went by so fast. Some things may have been left unsaid, goals unmet, and lists unchecked. I for one have a lot of unfinished business.
The thing is, I started making lists and plans, and that was it. The stress of preparing to make something took the best of me... and now all I have are lists. Lists of what I should have done. Plans on how to better myslef. In the end what ifs and maybes are all that come into mind.

For this year I intend to change my strategy. I have learned that I cannot do everything myself, and not everything has to be perfect and by the book. Moreover, I should be able to take it one day at a time. I must savor the challenges that each day has to bring, and with determination and will... make things happen. Here are the 5 (MATCH) steps that will guide me as I embark on a fruitful year:
1. Manage my strengths. We are inclined to overuse our strengths, but this creates an unbalance environment. For a better outcome, managing it would be more beneficial. As w…

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