Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First Impressions: Carmen Claire Cosmetics

Being practical in terms of makeup usage is one of the many things working moms, such as myself, consider. There are three basic must haves for the busy moms or the low maintenance girls everywhere. These are:
1) oil control primer
2) blotting powder, and 
3) long wear mlbb (my lips but better) lipstick. 
You can add foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, and the like, but these three make up the trinity for the combination skin girl like me. 

Browsing the internet and blogosphere led me to a Philippine based company, Carmen Claire Cosmetics. I decided to try three of their products:
1) Acaci Pore Mattifier, 
2) CC Shine Patrol in Tan, and 
3) CC Classic Lipstick in Très Chic!

The items arrived in an Eco-friendly packaging, with the signature red bow and sticker logo. A handwritten note from Carmen herself was a nice added touch.

Definitely packaged with love.

Three products plus a freebie!

Acaci Pore Mattifier

Click here for the complete product details of the Acaci Pore Mattifier from the Carmen Claire Website.

A pea size amount is just enough for the whole face. Lightly tinted and unscented, it becomes a smooth veil when applied. It can be used alone or topped with liquid foundation for a medium coverage. For combination skin, such as myself, oiliness can come after the 5-hour mark. However, even without reapplication of a blotting powder, at the 8-hour mark the shine looks more like a glow rather than an oil slick.

CC Shine Patrol in Tan

The new compact is in circular form.

Click here for the complete product details of the Shine Patrol in Tan from the Carmen Claire Website.

The sponge has a separate storage compartment for hygienic purposes.

The darkest shade of the four available shades is Tan.

Save your pesos from buying the expensive blotting powder (you definitely know what I mean) and buy this instead. Moreover, you get 30% OFF when you get the Tan shade. It has a light coverage which is perfect since it's a blotting powder. Like most beauty products, which I prefer to be unscented, this one fits the bill. The compact is hygienic and the sponge it comes with is totally usable.

After applying your favorite foundation, just dab the Shine Patrol in your T-zone. No worries, you can either use the sponge supplied or any face brush you have on hand.  Reapply when you feel the oil creeping in, which is about 5-6 hours for combination skin.

Classic Lipstick in Très Chic!

A truly chic black tube.
See through top for easy color identification.

Click here for the complete product details of the Classic Lipstick in Très Chic! from the Carmen Claire Website.

Here are the swatches: 1, 2, and 3 swipes respectively.

Using Très Chic!

My Lips But Better shade of lipstick.
One of the best selling lipsticks in Carmen Claire, this tube comes in an oh so perfect shade. Definitely a worthy MLBB shade. Creamy and long lasting, this shade is a must have. The only con that I would like to point out is that it has a slight lipstick smell. However, if you can do away with that tiny detail, then you will find your HG product in this tube,

Visit Carmen Claire Cosmetics for more practical beauty products! You can also text Carmen if you have any queries at 0918-907-8960 -she's quite nice.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Part 2- New Foundie: Glutagen 6in1 Foundation

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by.

For the second part in our four part series of the Global Prime Innovation, Inc. Glutagen products, let's welcome the "Glutagen 6in1 Foundation".

GPI global prime innovation beauty cream foundation

According to the product description, the "sunblock foundation gives a natural pink glow effect on your face, clinically proven to reduce facial wrinkles, and prevents the sun's harmful effects on the skin..."

Slick design in black.
Ingredients include placentol, parsol, collagen, milk,  lactates, aloe vera extract, titanium dioxide, and OMC (uvinol). We know mostly of what the ingredients are except for uvinol and parsol. For the benefit of all, both parsol and uvinol are UV absorbers.

GPI glutagen
One pump is enough for your face and neck.
To use, just apply on a fresh cleansed face every morning.It is creamy in texture with a slight scent which is not overly powerful like most foundations.

Left hand: with foundation                                 Right hand: without
Although not specified in the product description, the 6 benefits that I have observed are as follows:

1 SPF 30
2 Primer
3 Brightener
4 Light foundation
5 Moisturizer
6 Reduce facial wrinkles
7 Oil control

The Glutagen 6in1 Foundation is a light coverage foundation. It can be used alone, or mixed with your current foundation for more coverage with a glow effect. I personally use this with my current foundation since I have minor blemishes and visible pores. In addition, I also noticed it has oil control properties since my combination skin was kept at bay- although oily skin may not do so well.

Want to try this? The price is php. 888 for a jar. Cost per use would balance that price. So if you want to experience the Glutagen 6in1 Foundation, visit our STORE or our FACEBOOK PAGE for more practical beauty products!

Hurry! Discounts will definitely be given to the first 20 shoppers!


On Doodles and Scribbles

Tired of always looking at you cellphone? Why not try a new hobby, or rather, rekindle an old flame? Remember those boring classes in high school where your notes were made up of swirls and lines? Apparently doodling and scribbling has returned along with other forms of art like zentangle, calligraphy, and watercolor -a great topic for another blog post, yey! An anti-stress and a creative outlet, both doodling and scribbling can be a form of relaxation. So what are the tools to get started? You just need a paper and a pen. There's no need to break the bank. For the more serious doodler and scribbler, a plain notebook and a waterproof pen or pens would do the trick. 

Doodles and scribbles are supposed to be the result of aimless drawing. However, a few minutes after holding a pen, I came up with this...

I got to try the Venzi soft blank journal of Victoria's Journals. It is a 9 by 14 cm plain notebook which I bought at National Bookstore ( 119 peso only). It's an affordable notebook if you're just starting out with doodling or maybe just taking down notes and ideas. It's pocket sized with 192 pages of 70gsm wood free cream paper. It also comes with an expandable back pocket, and with an elastic band to hold everything together.

A quick look at the notebook

Looking at the back page, I suggest not to draw back to back.

For the black pen, I used the Pilot Penmanship fountain pen with Extra Fine (EF) nib. The red pen used here was a Pentel Energel with a 0.5 ball needle point. The former was purchased online at Pens Galore (at 380 pesos), while the latter was only borrowed. Like all pens, Its efficiency is determined by its relationship with paper. As such, a smudge test was done. 

Pen test in action.

In terms of smudging both pens do well after an 8-10 second count. So no problems with doodling or scribbling. 

So there you go, a quick review on three products that can help you either manage or pass your time. 

Doodles everyone!