Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2/30 Connected (January 03)

...and we are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends Disney's Pocahontas)... Is it a hoop or a loop? Nonetheless, the meaning is the same. That is, the choices that we make, whether selfishly or selflessly, affect everyone around us. We may be insignificant in this big world, but we still matter. People matter. You matter.

So this has started out as as visual art challenge, however, after 2 entries I think I'm leaning more on the inspirational side of things. Let's see where this challenge ends up. For a 10-minute artwork, I do hope I'll get better with my doodles and scribbles.


1/30 Possibilities (January 02)


Your possibilities are endless. In a world that is dictated  by classes, races, gender, steriotypes, and pretty much every label imaginable, you can break any barrier. You have the power to define yourself, not by where you came from, but by where you strive to go. We must not be enslaved with boxed-up ideas, and instead free ourselves and know that life is of abundance. Experience the wonderful world of choices and be free to become your best self.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

JANUARY: 10 Minute Art Challenge

10 minute art challenge
Art and about in 10 minutes.

Today marks a new beginning, it's a New Year afterall. Since a yearlong committment can be overwhelming at times, I'm making this year extra special. For this year I will be making short term projects that will be made monthly. Every month will be a venue for different tasks depending on my mood and need.

January will be all about making visual art. I have been losing touch with my first love so I'm glad I've found a way to reconnect.The original concept that I'm adapting can be found here.

Here are my #10MinArt Rules:

  1. I will set a timer for 10 minutes and stop immediately when the timer goes off.
  2. I give myself permission to spend time planning that doesn’t count towards the 10 minutes. I can’t get much done if I need time to set up paints etc.
  3. I give myself permission to hit pause if I need drying time, to go to the bathroom, etc. But I CANNOT stop the clock to do more ‘composing’ in my head. Once I start, I’m committed to finish no matter what.
  4. It is OK to use printed materials or repurpose parts of old works.
  5. There are no do-overs or start-overs due to mistakes. I will force myself to work with what I have, and try to make something beautiful out of unintended course changes.
  6. All artistic mediums can be used provided that it can fit inside my art book.
  7. Scanned artworks will be posted daily with less than 200 words description.
  8. The challenge will cover the period January 2-31, 2017.