Jared's Happy First: Jake and the Neverland Pirates Themed BirthdayParty.

Our Little One finally turned one last Sunday (November 2). The family celebrated at Children's Place -where a function hall for parties is conveniently located above a specialty store, here in Tacloban City. To celebrate the milestone we opted for a costume party, since halloween wasn't far behind and no one outgrows playing dress-up.

Got the chance to blow the candle while the Little One was busy.

Bucky made of boxes hand painted by Mr. P.

Inspired by Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a Disney show we always watch, we went all out for DIY.

Pinterest and google search were both treasure chests of ideas.

Like most new families, we also wanted to make it more hands on a.k.a budget friendly. We did all the decorations from the invitations, table centerpieces, backdrop, stage props, game accessories, loot bags, and balloons.

Invitation with burned edges and personalized pirate logo.

For the food, Mr. P's aunts prepared the menu with additional hands to help. Since we didn't have an oven available, we just bought prepared cupcakes and two 9x13" chocolate cakes which I decorated with buttercream icing.

Buttercream icing handmade with love by yours truly.

The games consisted of pirate games such as pin the tail on the parrot, hook the ring, pinata, and find the treasure chest. The loot bags and sword balloons where given in exchange for the golden stones found scattered around the venue.

Even the adults joined in the fun.

Food, fun, and family... A memorable first for our little one. The gifts were opened the next day to give way for resting. The party started at around four in the afternoon and ended at seven in the evening. A time worth it for a month of preparation.

Smile everyone!
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Thank you for all who contributed to the success of the party. The event was truly a family effort. To the guests who shared this moment with us, thank you for celebrating with us.

Our family picture.


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