On Doodles and Scribbles

Tired of always looking at you cellphone? Why not try a new hobby, or rather, rekindle an old flame? Remember those boring classes in high school where your notes were made up of swirls and lines? Apparently doodling and scribbling has returned along with other forms of art like zentangle, calligraphy, and watercolor -a great topic for another blog post, yey! An anti-stress and a creative outlet, both doodling and scribbling can be a form of relaxation. So what are the tools to get started? You just need a paper and a pen. There's no need to break the bank. For the more serious doodler and scribbler, a plain notebook and a waterproof pen or pens would do the trick. 

Doodles and scribbles are supposed to be the result of aimless drawing. However, a few minutes after holding a pen, I came up with this...

I got to try the Venzi soft blank journal of Victoria's Journals. It is a 9 by 14 cm plain notebook which I bought at National Bookstore ( 119 peso only). It's an affordable notebook if you're just starting out with doodling or maybe just taking down notes and ideas. It's pocket sized with 192 pages of 70gsm wood free cream paper. It also comes with an expandable back pocket, and with an elastic band to hold everything together.

A quick look at the notebook

Looking at the back page, I suggest not to draw back to back.

For the black pen, I used the Pilot Penmanship fountain pen with Extra Fine (EF) nib. The red pen used here was a Pentel Energel with a 0.5 ball needle point. The former was purchased online at Pens Galore (at 380 pesos), while the latter was only borrowed. Like all pens, Its efficiency is determined by its relationship with paper. As such, a smudge test was done. 

Pen test in action.

In terms of smudging both pens do well after an 8-10 second count. So no problems with doodling or scribbling. 

So there you go, a quick review on three products that can help you either manage or pass your time. 

Doodles everyone!



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