Part 2- New Foundie: Glutagen 6in1 Foundation

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For the second part in our four part series of the Global Prime Innovation, Inc. Glutagen products, let's welcome the "Glutagen 6in1 Foundation".

GPI global prime innovation beauty cream foundation

According to the product description, the "sunblock foundation gives a natural pink glow effect on your face, clinically proven to reduce facial wrinkles, and prevents the sun's harmful effects on the skin..."

Slick design in black.
Ingredients include placentol, parsol, collagen, milk,  lactates, aloe vera extract, titanium dioxide, and OMC (uvinol). We know mostly of what the ingredients are except for uvinol and parsol. For the benefit of all, both parsol and uvinol are UV absorbers.

GPI glutagen
One pump is enough for your face and neck.
To use, just apply on a fresh cleansed face every morning.It is creamy in texture with a slight scent which is not overly powerful like most foundations.

Left hand: with foundation                                 Right hand: without
Although not specified in the product description, the 6 benefits that I have observed are as follows:

1 SPF 30
2 Primer
3 Brightener
4 Light foundation
5 Moisturizer
6 Reduce facial wrinkles
7 Oil control

The Glutagen 6in1 Foundation is a light coverage foundation. It can be used alone, or mixed with your current foundation for more coverage with a glow effect. I personally use this with my current foundation since I have minor blemishes and visible pores. In addition, I also noticed it has oil control properties since my combination skin was kept at bay- although oily skin may not do so well.

Want to try this? The price is php. 888 for a jar. Cost per use would balance that price. So if you want to experience the Glutagen 6in1 Foundation, visit our STORE or our FACEBOOK PAGE for more practical beauty products!

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